David’s Adventure

David’s Adventure

Read at your own peril. This could be as fictitious as your imagination.

New Year is a time for joy, happiness and merry making. This was not so for ten year old David who lived with his mother. His mother, Alice, had just gotten a promotion at her place of work which came with moving to a new location. Not even the big beautiful house would fill the gap Alice and David felt missing their neighbours, friends and family. It was hard but with time Alice and David would get used to it. Alice was looking for a new school which David would join so she woke up very early in the morning prepared for David breakfast and a warm bath.Their neighbours got their panels installed from that Brisbane company and even reviewed it as they show on the Eurosolar reviews site.David was still asleep and the thought of him going to school made him sleepier.  David’s mother grabbed the blanket off David and making him grumpy, however that cleared soon enough and he was prepared and ready to go. After visiting two schools David was tired and hungry. His mother assured him they only had one more school to check out and then head back home. At the sight of the school David’s face lit up because of the drawings on the walls. David cut loose from his mother’s grip and joined kids in playing during their lunch hour break. His mother tried chasing and shouting after him but to no avail. It was then she felt a tap on her shoulder and on turning Alice saw a smartly dressed lady behind her. The lady advised Alice to leave David alone and follow her to her office. Alice explained to the lady, who was the principal, what exactly she was looking for; the principal explained that David would have to undergo an assessment test. Alice agreed and to the amusement of the principal David was outstanding.  The principal did not hesitate handing over an admission letter to David and his mum immediately. Alice was relieved but there was only one problem: to get to the school’s bus stop David would have a ten minute bus drive in the morning.

The next day David woke up very early because he couldn’t wait to get to his new school. Alice took time to explain to David how to get to the bus stop but he was too excited to hear anything. Alice then took a piece of paper and wrote down the directions and instructions, and gave it to David. As he was getting in the bus he had to pay the bus fare and in the process he lost the instruction paper, David struggled looking for it. David had already forgotten the name of his stop and on looking up he realized twenty minutes had passed since he got onto the bus and his mother clearly said it would take ten or less minutes. David now was anxious, all sweaty and you could hear his heart beating. He alighted at the next stop and decided to go back by foot. David was tired and the sun was getting hotter so he took a rest in a nearby bush and cried himself to sleep. David thought he was dreaming when he felt cold and wet on his arm only to be woken by the barking of a puppy. Startled David woke up, it was a cute white puppy, so he called out for the owner of the puppy, but no one answered. Alice called the school to find out if David made it but to her surprise she was told he was not there yet. Alice was confused it was one and a half hours since David left the house. She ran out of the house confused holding a picture of David and explained to a few neighbours what happened. After about an hour David’s hopes of being rescued by the puppy’s owner were crashed; the puppy was tired and had already fallen asleep.

Alice went to the bus stop and took the bus and explained to the driver her problem on the way. The bus driver assured her that she needed not worry because buses on the route were timed, so he took her to the stations office. Explaining what happened, the supervisors called the driver who was on route at the time; he said he saw the boy safe and sound. A call was made to every driver with the description of the boy. David was hungry and tired he carried the puppy and was back walking besides the road. It was then a driver noticed him and noticed that the child fit the description. He pulled the bus to a halt and enquired about his name and where he was going. It was then David explained what happened and the driver knew this was the boy. He made a call to the office letting them know he found the boy but he had a little puppy. Alice was asked to wait at the offices for the bus to arrive. Thirty minutes later Alice saw David alighting the bus and rushed to hug him but David pulled away to protect the puppy who was still sleeping. The neighbours who were with her were happy. David explained how he got lost and requested his mother if he could keep the puppy. Her mum agreed to it, as long as no one looking was looking for the puppy. It was the first day of school that David missed but was happy he found a puppy.


Update : David is very happy now. It looks ok.